Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Photo of Grandmother Carroll

A photo that was in my late aunt's collection :

This was my Aunt Virginia' s handwriting. So, she is talking about her
( and my Dad's ) grandma Carroll.
I believe that this lady is Jennie Mc Entee, wife of John Carroll.
Becuase a person only has 2 grandmothers, and the second grandmother was named Catherine Hansen ( née Morris).

My aunt may have confused the named " McEntee " for " Maggie ".

In any case, Grandma Carroll's son , John Bernard Carroll Sr. does have a resemblance to her ( she is his Mom ).
Click on the photo for a closer view.

Post Scriptum :
Since I was able to recontact several members of my family, my cousin Gerry, confirmed that this photo is of Jennie McEntee, the wife of John Joseph Carroll.

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