Monday, November 20, 2006

Andrew Carroll's arrival in America

The only clue I have was found on the website of Heritage Quest. Once again, my sincere Thanks to Mrs. Kay Keating, for helping me.

Mrs Keating found the following :

Name: Andrew Carroll
Arrival Date: 12 Mar 1853
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1827
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Port of Departure: Liverpool, England
Destination: United States of America
Place of Origin: Ireland
Ship Name: Queen of the West
Port of Arrival: New York
Line: 49
Microfilm Serial: M237
Microfilm Roll: 124
List Number: 178
Port Arrival State: New York
Port Arrival Country: United States

Note: Andrew traveled with:
James Carroll, 56 years ;
Catherine Carroll , 44 years
James Carroll ; 22 years

A very intersting find. :)
Considering that Andrew's first son, Patrick, was born around 1855, it is very promising.
His year of birth here, is estimated to be towards 1827.I wouldn't be too worried that it varies with the U.S. Census estimations. Sometimes, the dates are off .

How neat; if this turns out to be the same Andrew Carroll, his parents and a brother, are also listed.

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