Thursday, December 21, 2006

Where's my snail mail ??

Hello everyone ! Welcome to year 2007 !!
I sincerely hope that your new year will be peaceful & happy, and that you will find that"missing link" that is eluding you.
My first "geneapost" concerns my experiences in research using the snail mail.
As you all probably know from my profile, I live in France.
Genealogy research is difficult when you live in a place that is hundreds or thousands of miles away from the ancestral homelands .
But, I still try ... with mixed results.
In 2005, I started writing to a parish in Schuylkill, County, to try and find my great-grandfather's baptismal church.
Well folks, even with a well documented letter, typed on a computer, AND with a IRC ( Int'l Reply Coupon) to pay for return postage... that letter took 4 months. Add the extra month, because the person who addressed the letter put the wrong zip... and it went to the wrong postal area !
This letter was from St Vincent de Paul church in Minersville .
After, the French postal office "sat on it" for about a month. Before it was finally delivered. That last one was because of the postal administration here !
5 months total !!
You would think that France is on another planet, considering the long respose time...
You know how we genealogists are; when we don't have our answer ( even a negative one), we don't let go !!
So friends, I tried again in 2006. I wrote to 3 other parishes. And once again, the replies are very long in coming ! I'am at 4 months... and counting .
The only one of the three that I received ( in less than 2 weeks !!! ) was from St Ambrose church in Schuylkill Haven
Thumbs up for St. Ambroses' courteous and rapid answer !!! :) .
I'll keep you posted on the 2 other replies from these Schuylkill Co churches.
If anyone has experiences ( good or bad ) with area churches, I would be interested in hearing them !
Maybe, I'am not the only one who is getting cramps waiting by the mailbox !!
Take care,

Friday, December 15, 2006

Happy Holidays !

Hello to all,

The holidays mark the point where everyone thinks about the new challenges for the coming year.
In 2007, I would like to finally " pinpoint " the dates of death of our ancestors, John Carroll and Jennie McEntee. I'am contacting a pro ; his name is Kenneth Milano. He does some excellent work in Philadelphia, and especially the area called Kensington. He helped me track our grandmother's Dad, Christian Hansen .

So, I hope that I will have some good news to share in 2007 concerning this reasearch .

If anyone is catching this blog for the first time , you can either scroll down( from our most recent family members), and click on to " older posts". Or take the blog in chronological order, starting in November.Included in the first posts, " Our Carroll ancestors" , which is a diagram of our " family tree ".

Don't miss the photo galleries, that I have included throughout the pages .

I welcome your feedback , and reactions. All Carrolls are welcome here, as well as all genealogy fans, and even the curious passerby !

I'am wishing you all a very Happy holiday Season, and a wonderful year 2007 .
Have a healthy & safe year , and lots of luck with your genealogies !


Barbara ( Carroll ) Joly

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Virginia Rose Jefferds ( born Carroll )

Names: Virginia Rose Carroll
Relation to blog author : Her aunt ; Relation to my Jefferds cousins; Their Mother;
relation to the children of my cousins; their grandmother .

Sources used : Family bible .
Occupation : homemaker ; worked with an institution called " Angels Unaware ", during several years .

Location: grew up in several cities, due to her father's career in the U.S. Navy .

Summary of imortant facts :
Virginia was born in 1922, in Honolulu, HI .
She was the second child of John Bernard Carroll Sr. and Mary Agnes Carroll .
Virginia was the sister of John Carroll Jr ( a.k.a. John Bernard ).

See the individual chapter on John & Mary for more information on them .

From a childhood with several moves , she found a permanent home in San Diego . It was also here, that she met her husband, Donald Francis Jefferds. Donald was a native of New York State that came to work in California as an aeronautical engineer .

They married in 1942 . Four children were born from this union :

William ( Bill ) Jefferds

Donald, Virginia's husband, passed on in 1991.
Virginia passed on in 2006, surrounded by the family she loved .

Virginia was a cheerful and smiling person . The quality that would describe her was " loving".
She had an unending supply of love for her family and friends , and is missed by many people .

Remembering you, Virginia, for the love you gave me.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Portrait gallery of Virginia Jefferds' family

Virginia Rose Carroll and her husband, Donald Francis Jefferds .

My cousins ; Bill, standing, and Kathy Jefferds .

From left; Kathy,Peggy,Patsy and Bill Jefferds .

From left; Patsy, Peggy and Kathy .

Virginia at work in an institution called " Angels unaware " .

Family portrait .

Family portrait taken in 2004 .

Bill and Virginia .

The following are photos of Virginia's grandchildren :

From left ; Angela Baggett, ,Chrystel Brinkman, daughter of Patsy and Jim Brinkman,Adam Brinkman and Tim Brinkman;
Angela is married to Eric, and Mom to Erica and Krissa.
Tim is married to Autumn, and father to Hunter and Ava .

From left; Hailie, Lisa, her Mom, and Jo, Lisa's Mom and Bill Jefferds' wife .

Tyler, son of Peggy and Patrick McLaughlin , with his girlfirend, Erica .

Mike Trenkle, Kathy's son. He is married to Vicki and a father to Brian and Jennifer .

Thursday, December 7, 2006

John Carroll Jr. ( a.k.a John Bernard )

Name : John Joseph Carroll ( baptised with these first & middle names ).
a.k.a : John Bernard Carroll Jr.
Relation to blog author : Her father.
Relation to my Jefferds cousins: Their uncle; relation to their children; their great-uncle .

Sources used: Family Bible .
Certificate of baptism from Saint Boniface's Church in Philadelphia .

Occupation: U.S. Navy .

Location: Numerous, due to his father's career in the U.S. Navy. Himself, he had travelled in the Navy, especially through the Asia-Pacific zone .

Summary of important facts :

John was born in 1920 in Philadelphia. He was the son and eldest child of John Bernard Carroll Sr. and Mary Agnes Carroll ( born Hansen).
He was the brother of Virginia Rose Carroll .

See individual chapter on John and Mary Carroll .

After several major moves in the Continental U.S. and Hawaii, John and his family lived from the 1930's in San Diego, California. This is where John atttended the remaining of his schooling, graduating from St Augustine's High School. After some college, and odd jobs, John made the decision to enroll in the U.S. Navy. As it was for his father, this would become his career, from the 1940's, up to his retirement in 1970.

He called San Diego, CA home, up until 1963 or 1964, when he was stationed to Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.
Before having his own family, he saw his nephew and nieces grow up, and
" Uncle John " enjoyed being a part of their lives.

In 1958, he wed Kazuko Suzuki, whom he met during his tour of duty in Japan.

Out of this union, were born:

Barbara ( blog author)
DM ( Name withheld for privacy).

John passed on in 1999 , in his home in Hawaii .

For myself, the phrase that best describes him is ; " family first ". He loved his family above all. Despite some problems in his life, he always had time for us. It was important for him to know that we lacked nothing, and were happy and healthy.

We haven't forgotten you , Dad .

Portrait gallery of my family

A photo of my mother . Taken in Japan .

John and Charles ( Chuck) my brother. Chuck is the third born child .

Sixth grade school photo .

Charles at 16 or 17 years ) , with my Mom.

Barbara's baby portrait .

About 2 years old .

Sixth grade class photo .

Barbara's senior year photo .

Saturday, December 2, 2006

Portrait gallery of John and Virginia Carroll

Dedicated to my father, John, and his sister, Virginia.
You are always loved .
A photo of our Grandfather, John Bernard Carroll Sr. , with his young children, John ( in the sailor suit ), and Virginia. Undated photo .

An undated photo, with John and Virginia. John might be about 10 years old here.

An undated photo taken in San Diego; John, Virginia and our Grandmother, Mary.

Undated photo from the forties, taken in San Diego. With their beloved Cocker spaniel, Duke .

Posted by Picasa

One of the last photos taken of John and Virginia together. Taken in 1980, in John's house in Hawaii. On John's lap is Tim and on Virginia's lap is Adam.They are the sons of my cousin Patsy, and her husband, Jim Brinkman .

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

John Bernard Carroll Sr and Mary Agnes Hansen

Names : John Bernard Carroll Sr. and Mary Agnes Hansen

Relation to blog author : Grandparents .
Relation to my Jefferds cousins : Grandparents ; relation to the children of my cousins : Great-grandparents .

Summary of important facts :
Location of family : Several ; family moved often during our grandfather's U.S. Navy career.
In the 1930's, the family made San Diego, CA their permanant home .

Sources used: Family records ( Family Bible )
Certificate of birth, City of Philadelphia John Carroll , 24/3/1887 . Certificate filed 31/3/1887.
Marriage license, County of Philadelphia, for John B. Carroll & Mary A. Hansen, 28/10/1919 .
U.S. Census returns ( from ) .
1910, Boston,MA; Seamen of the U.S.S. Missouri .
1930, Norfolk, VA; Precinct Number 25, block 1329 .
Certificate of death, County of San Diego; John Carroll, Number 8009 4711
Certificate of death, County of San Diego; Mary Agnes Carroll, Number 8009 11041

John Bernard Carroll Sr. was born on 24 March, 1887, in Philadelphia,PA .
He was christened at Saint Thomas Aquinas church in Philadelphia .
He was the eldest son of John Carroll and Jennie McEntee .

See the individual page on John and Jennie Carroll, for more information on them.

The 28 October, 1919, in Philadelphia, he married Mary Agnes Hansen .
They had two children, a son, John Joseph( a.k.a, John Bernard Jr. ), born in 1920,
and a daughter, Virginia Rose, born in 1922 .

Mary Agnes Hansen was born on 20 January, 1891, in Philadelphia, PA .
She was christened at the Asumption chuch, Philadelphia .
She was the eldest child of Christian Hansen , a railroader, and Catherine ( or Kate ) Morris. Christian was U.S. born, and Catherine was born in Ireland .

Grandfather( who was known as "Grossie" to his grandchildren ) served in the U.S. Navy . Through his Navy career, he had the chance to travel and see many things of this world.
A destiny that a poor child from Phildelphia would have never dreamt of.
He was devoted to his wife, and his two children. And despite his frequent departures, he held a regular correspondance with his family.
A few of these letters still exist.

Grandmother ( known as "NanNan to her grandchildren), kept the house running during her
husband's absences. She also endured the different moves, to such bases as Norfolk, Honolulu or Great Lakes, Il .
During their retirement, our grandparents doted on their four grandchildren, born to their daughter, Virginia Rose, and son-in-law, Donald Francis Jefferds .

The 3 August, 1962, John passed away in San Diego.
Mary passed away on the 30 December, 1972, in San Diego.
Our grandparents rest in Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery in San Diego .

Neither I, nor my sister or brother , had the pleasure to know our grandfather.
I was able to know our grandmother through a few of her visits to Hawaii . I was able to receive some of her love that she had for her grandchildren.

The following photo galleries are dedicated to the memory of our grandparents .

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Portrait Gallery of Mary Carroll (born Hansen)

A young Mary Agnes Hansen. Undated photo .

Mary Agnes Hansen as a bride .

Grandmother, and on left, John ( my father), and Virginia ( my aunt ).
This was in Honolulu, Hi, where Grandfather was stationed in the U.S. Navy.
Photograph dating from the 1920's .

Portrait of Grandmother .
Undated photo .

Grandmother in her "sophisticated lady " shot, in San Diego .
Undated photo .

Grandmother ( on the right ), visiting Waikiki beach, with a friend .
Photo dating from the 1960's .

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Portrait Gallery of John Bernard Carroll Sr.

The only known image of our grandfather as a child in Philadelphia. He is standing next to his little brother , Edward .
Undated photograph .

Back of the phtograph of our grandfather as a child. The handwriting is our Grandmother, Mary Agnes'. I think she may have addressed this photograph to my father years later, with her comments !

It is readable by clicking on the image.

Detail from a very old photograph. Our grandfather is a young sailor in the U.S. Navy. The V and the word that reads "Dad ", marks his spot . It looks like Grandfather hurt his arm, as it is in a sling .

Our Grandparents , John & Mary, with children , John Joseph (a.k.a. J B Jr) , & Virginia Rose.
Undated photo, taken sometime in the 1930's .

Our grandparents at their home in San Diego .

Grandfather Carroll , with his legendary humour, showing off the " catch of the day " !

Grandfather being congratulated by an unidentified officer.

Our very elegant Grandfather, dressed to go on the town .

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

John Carroll and Jennie McEntee

Names : John Carroll and Jennie Mc Entee

Relation to blog author : Great grandparents ;
Relation to my Jefferds cousins; their great-grandparents; relation to their children; great-great-grandparents .

Summary of important facts:
Location of family: Philadelphia, PA from 1886 up until the death of Jennie.
Sources used: 1900 U.S. Census: 12th division, Philadelphia,Enumeration district 375, Sheet 2 . This was found on .
Marriage Certificate; State of Pennsylvania, 20 May, 1886 .

John Carroll was born on 15 August, 1860 according to his marriage certificate.
He was the son of Andrew Carroll and Catherine (maiden name not known ).

See the individual page on Andrew and Catherine Carroll , for more information on them .

Place of birth is only listed as "Schuylkill County " . The 1900 Census gives a different month of birth-June, but still in 1860 . John died before 1919 .
John married on 20 May, 1886 in Philadelphia , Jennie Mc Entee .

Jennie McEntee was born on 7 May, 1863, in Philadelphia. She died after 1919 .
By using other sources , I found her parents, who are named Patrick McEntee and Agnes Haines.
John & Jennie's children :

John, born March 1887 , Philadelphia PA
Career U.S. Navyman
(Our ancestor)
Andrew - born November 1890 ; died ?
Edward born December 1892 ; died towards 1957 in NJ

Questions still unanswered:-
In which parish of Schuylkill County, was John baptised ?
-What are the dates of death for John and Jennie ?
-What became of Andrew Carroll? If he grew up and married, where is his family located?

Photo of Grandmother Carroll

A photo that was in my late aunt's collection :

This was my Aunt Virginia' s handwriting. So, she is talking about her
( and my Dad's ) grandma Carroll.
I believe that this lady is Jennie Mc Entee, wife of John Carroll.
Becuase a person only has 2 grandmothers, and the second grandmother was named Catherine Hansen ( née Morris).

My aunt may have confused the named " McEntee " for " Maggie ".

In any case, Grandma Carroll's son , John Bernard Carroll Sr. does have a resemblance to her ( she is his Mom ).
Click on the photo for a closer view.

Post Scriptum :
Since I was able to recontact several members of my family, my cousin Gerry, confirmed that this photo is of Jennie McEntee, the wife of John Joseph Carroll.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Andrew Carroll's arrival in America

The only clue I have was found on the website of Heritage Quest. Once again, my sincere Thanks to Mrs. Kay Keating, for helping me.

Mrs Keating found the following :

Name: Andrew Carroll
Arrival Date: 12 Mar 1853
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1827
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Port of Departure: Liverpool, England
Destination: United States of America
Place of Origin: Ireland
Ship Name: Queen of the West
Port of Arrival: New York
Line: 49
Microfilm Serial: M237
Microfilm Roll: 124
List Number: 178
Port Arrival State: New York
Port Arrival Country: United States

Note: Andrew traveled with:
James Carroll, 56 years ;
Catherine Carroll , 44 years
James Carroll ; 22 years

A very intersting find. :)
Considering that Andrew's first son, Patrick, was born around 1855, it is very promising.
His year of birth here, is estimated to be towards 1827.I wouldn't be too worried that it varies with the U.S. Census estimations. Sometimes, the dates are off .

How neat; if this turns out to be the same Andrew Carroll, his parents and a brother, are also listed.

Andrew Carroll and Catherine

Names: Andrew Carroll and Catherine( maiden name unknown)

Relation to blog author: Great-great-grandparents
Relation of this couple to my family: Great-great-grandparents to my Jefferds cousins .
Great-great-great-grandparents to their children.

Summary of important facts:
Location of family : New Castle, Schuylkill County, PA in 1860 & 1870 .
Shenandoah , Schuylkill County in 1880 .

Andrew Carroll- born somewhere between 1818-1827; deceased after 1880 .Born in Ireland. Coal miner .
Catherine - born towards 1835; deceased after 1880 . Born in Ireland .

Their children:
1) Patrick - born towards 1855; died ?. Slate picker in 1870;
2) James - born towards 1858; died ?. Slate picker in 1870. Miner in 1880 .
3) John - born 15 August, 1860 ; died before 1919, Philadelphia.
Laborer in 1880; Railroader in 1886 and up to his death .
Our ancestor.
4) Mary Ann- born towards 1863; died ? . Taylor in 1880 .
5) Thomas - born towards 1865 ; died ? . Slate picker in 1880 .
6) Martin - born towards 1867;died ? . Slate picker in 1880 .
7) Elizabeth - born towards 1867 ; died ?.
8) Catherine - born towards 1870; died ? .

Sources: U.S. Census returns for 1860,1870, ( on Heritage Quest).
A very special Thank you to Kay Keating for acessing these returns for me !
Note: On 1860 Census, the family name is spelled CARROL ;
On the 1870 Census,the family name is spelled CARL.
Keep these spellings in mind if you want to find these documents on line.
Finally, the 1880 Census came fom . No problem there; our name is spelled as usual !!

Questions that are still unanswered :
- From where in Ireland do Andrew & Catherine come from ??
- Where in Schuylkill County PA were they married ?? I'am trying to find the parish where they were wed. So far, no luck .
- When did Andrew & Catherine die ?

If anyone can help me with this family, Please write me a comment and drop me your e-mail address .
Let me know also if you think that this Carroll family may be yours. With 8 Carroll children, there could be countless cousins out there.

Thank you in advance !

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Our Carroll ancestors

Carroll family genealogy chart
The ancestors in bold face are in our direct line. This is going from the oldest ancestors down to our family today.

Andrew Carroll (ca 1808->1880) & Catherine(ca 1835->1880)
8 Children:
Patrick - James - John - Mary Ann - Thomas - Martin - Elisabeth -Catherine

John Carroll
Married 20 May 1886, Philadelphia with :
Jennie McEntee
3 Children:
John Bernard Carroll Sr. - Edward Carroll - Andrew Carroll-
Married 28 October 1919 , Philadelphia with:
Mary Agnes Hansen
2 children :
John Joseph Carroll (a.k.a John B Jr) Married to Kazuko Suzuki
3 Children born to this couple:
Barbara Carroll
XX Carroll
C Carroll

Virgina Rose Carroll Married to Donald Jefferds
4 children born to this couple :
William Jefferds
Kathleen Jefferds
Margaret "Peggy" Jefferds
Patricia "Patsy" Jefferds
Children of my Jefferds cousins :
L Jefferds (William)

M Trenkle( Kathleen)

T McLaughlin (Margaret)

A Baggett (Patricia)
C Brinkman (Patricia)
A Brinkman ( Patricia)
T Brinkman ( Patricia)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Welcome !

Hello !

This is a genealogy blog for all that are interested in the Carroll family name. Inside, I will present you our Carroll family members, and some anecdotes and photos of them.

I'am open to all feedback from other Carrolls and anyone interested in our family name.

Thank you for visiting , and Happy Hunting !

Barbara ( Carroll) Joly