Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blog hiatus in 2011

Once again, Thanks to any very patient soul who has been good enought to come back (and back) to an old post that stares him/her in the face.
I think that you are not numerous and I can really understand.

I will be honest with you all; I have not done a bit of genealogy in this past year. Not that I didn't want to, but life didn't want me to. My life is so filled with non-Genealogy things to do since 2010. Ever since my hubby & I lost his Dad, and we have to take care of a home and his old dog. Its not Genealogy at all but it is family.

I had more than one moment wondering where this little blog would go. It is a shame to close for good, as it has brought many encounters and sharings. I will just leave the door open in the hopes that I may be able to share more later when my life is calmer and more settled. You can in the meanwhile, browse anything that is already archived here, including a slew of family pictures.

Hear ye, hear ye!!:
For anyone searching for a Carroll, please know that I cannot do the research for you.
I can tell you about my ancestors or compare with yours to see if we may be related(by what info that I already have) or give even you a suggestion or two.
But, that is about all.
I have had many people looking for "so and so Carroll" and I have not always been able to produce a result.I am always glad to be of help, but I am limited in what I can do.

Bye for now to all the cousins,genealogists and otherwise curious people who made their way here!
Wishing you all the best in 2011!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Making a list and checking it twice

Hi everyone,
While I continue with my ongoing projects at home(clearing out my late FIL's home),I also have been keeping an eye on the internet.
I don't know where I found this, but I found a link to Our Carroll family genealogy on a website called LINKPENDIUM. It calls itself the "Definitive Directory",with huge ammounts of Genealogy links of all kinds.Iam not sure how unique this is, but it is the first time that I have seen my blog's link on a Genealogy list. 
I have been only on a few other Genealogy blog's blogrolls.My tentative to list this blog on a very famous Genealogy list( C's List; most of you Genealogists know that biggie),after I opened this blog. That lsiting,never panned out for whatever reason.

Anyway, it is a pleasant surprise to both find a CARROLL Family link page and my blog's link there. My blog is under the PA links,due to my Schuylkill County origins.

If you might have picked up your link here in exchange,Linkpendium,Thank you.

Take a browse through the Carroll page for the fun of it. And why not try a search on Linkpendium for other surnames??

I remember when I first started adding Carroll links to put on this blog. I told myself that it would be impossible to find all Carroll links by combing Mr Googly and other engines. But,I did find a few.

Here, someone did the work for me and came up with many more Carroll websites than I initially found.
Though the very sensible part of me still thinks that many,many other Carroll genealogies are still out there,in chart form or on family history websites with private pages for their members.

I will put this new link on the sidebar so that everyone can easily access it(myself included) anytime.

Happy summer holidays to all!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

America's Genealogy series

Thanks again to anyone who has had the patience to keep checking back here.Bless you ;)

I have been a busy lady at home,clearing out the family home following my FIL's passing away in April. This (still) leaves little time for Genealogy or travel to do Genealogy. But, two recent video findings are giving me some comfort.

This is likely to be old news for some, but NBC has a genealogy series called "Who do you think you are?". Season one is already past and can be viewed online at the nbc website. The idea is to feature a celebrity, such as Spike Lee or Lisa Kudrow,and to present the star's family History.
Here's the show's video webpage:

But... I had problems viewing the videos( I was only able to view one preview)I was SO frustrated by the quality of it!I don't know if its my overseas IP address or perhaps our computer is not up to date. But you try your luck. Season two begins 13 August if you are so inclined to watch on TV. I wish that I could have shared my impressions about this series. Darn it!!

I did what most people do at one point or another-I "youtubed it" and I found "who do you think you are?" By the BBC, which I just may browse soon. But no US version!

Then, I heard about another Genealogy series from a friend's link on facebook. This show is called  "Faces of America" and is produced by PBS.This really excited me, as PBS used to be my favorite channel when I was still living in the US.
Lo and behold,once on the program page,and the video selected,I was able to enjoy the whole video.

Website's video page:

In the first episode,highlights of the family histories of celebrities such as actress Eva Longoria,Olympic gold medalist Kristy Yamguchi or chef Mario Batali,recounted their memories and also gained precious new knowledge from Henry Louis Gates Jr.

These episodes remind us that each family history is unique, but combine together to form the American "patchwork". All immigrants desired the same advantages of prosperity,peace and a better tomorrow for their descendants.

I like the tone and presence of Mr Gates. As he presents the book of each celebrity's genealogy and momentos,he is calm,reassuring and wise. Such knowledge is powerful and can be very unsettling to bring up the misery and hardships of a family. And he handles it all with brio.

This first episode made me think again about my family. I have a photo frame with the portraits of my great-great grandparents and their son ( my great-grandfather). After the show,I went over to the frame and "talked to them" out loud, thanking them for their sacrifice, that their children and all those down to me,may be born in peace,and live a good life. I had the need to say "Thank you" and tell them that I loved them.

Thats the effect that "Faces of America" had on me. Watch it online and get an idea for yourself.

Happy summer to all!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Don't wait until tomorrow

It has been a very sad and challenging time for my husband,myself and our family. André(my father-in-law), passed away on the 17 April at 82 years of age.
I'am not speaking out of selfishness but April 2010, had one set of "plans" ( a trip to Ireland, including some research at the Nat'l Library and a quick visit to our Carroll family's village of Kilkenny), which were furiously blown apart.
If it wasen't also already compromised that at the same time in Europe, a certain Islandic volcano ( the one with the mile long name)blew its top. This closed the European airspace for almost 2 weeks.
It was just not written in the stars for us to go to Ireland this year.

The day after my FIL was admitted to hospital,I canceled the trip.

Then on the 17 April, we entered into a sad period that today still punctuated by the demands of paperwork and the opening of André's Estate.

Not to forget the clearing out and cleaning of the home. That already is a full-time job in itself and one which should be ongoing for the coming months.

That is our sad story...
Out of adversity, the genealogist in me may have to remain "dormant" but little things are a wake up call.

I'am at this time acutely aware of what is worth saving and cherishing .Notably when it comes to old photographs and old papers.I have had to bring together in a box all the old pictures, and begin going through them.

I want to show you a few to hit home my point that how sad it can be to find old family photographs with NO WRITING behind them. Leaving you many years later no clue who these people are in relation to you .

I'am more than sure that many an interesting find has been trashed due to lack of viable information.

Look at the following examples from my husband's family collection:

Who exactly is this attractive couple? Being taken before my husband's birth, we will never know. Why? Look below:

Not a single name or date on the back.

And who are these soccer playing young men??

This too will remain a secret.

We have manny more like these. Some are fuzzy,others taken too far away with only little "ant sized " sujects.Others feature my husband's close relatives and their faces are easily visible(lucky us; there are still no dates or names on almost all of them).

But, it is too late to point any fingers here.My husband did go through these photgraphs about 15 years ago. But, he did not take the time to ask his parents who were the other people in the pictures. He recognized his immeadiate family,and that was good enought for him.
Then again, my in-laws did not spontaneously feel the need to relive these memories.

These old pics were through time, just stuffed into old cookie tins or shoe boxes and put away.There were just 2 albums which I found. But now, I will have to take each picture out because the albums are ripped and crumbling.

Just to encourage genealogists to ask their elder's contributions to name people in photographs. Then, use and abuse of modern methods; scan them,print them and give them to children and grandchildren so they may see this.

Don't forget CDs and photo books too( these last easily available on most photo websites like snapfish) for stocking these precious memories.

Happy genealogy hunting to all!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ireland trip- canceled

Due to a sudden and serious hospitalisation of my Father-in-law, my husband & I have canceled our trip to Eire.We are of course disapointed but aware that our place is here with the family.So, a big fat raincheck is in order for the future, which for now, cannot be planned.

One day, we shall go,enjoy and of course research my roots.But I do not expect to do so in 2010.
Priority goes to family this time.

Best wishes to all and happy researching.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Saint Patrick's Day and... oh happy day - we are going to Ireland !

Wishing everyone an awesome Saint Patrick's Day !!
There will be a big Saint Pat's day concert this Saturday at Paris to get me into the mood...

In the mood for what ???
For Eire and people and things from the Emerald Isle.

I had previously announced in this blog that my husband & I are going to Ireland. And all our travel plans are solidly booked. We will be in Dublin from 19-24 April .
Our first trip ever to Ireland ( even living near Paris, which is 2 flying hours of Dublin,might have already seen me there).
But that's life, It would have been all tourism if I had gone back then, because I had only know about our Carroll ancestor's birthplace since 2006.

Thanks to the efforts of 2 elder cousins named John and Edward Carroll ( both now in heaven) and my cousin, Gerry, I have learned all that I have.
I will tell you this story before I leave for Dublin ...

But, that still leaves me excited !

There will be loads of things to share.
Starting with Genealogy, my hubby and I will try to research in the National Archives. I'am quickly researching over there. My goal is to find the baptismal notice for my great-great grandfather, Andrew Carroll. Since the family has both a date+ the place of birth.
There will be much to share and show about research in Ireland. It will be rather educational to myself, and for you all that will be reading the post afterwards.

Then, not forgetting tourism, we will be touring Dublin, going shopping,and pub hopping to listen to traditional Irish music ! We will also take a day trip over to Kilkenny city ( Andrew Carroll's birthplace).
Many things to share for family,friends and genealogy colleagues.
Happy celebrations to all and may the luck of the Irish bless you in your research.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Catching up + a cool website

Hi everyone,

Where did she go ? Sorry it's been so quiet on this blog.

Once again, I've been busy elsewhere, including since January, a part-time job (translating texts in French and English). So, my Genealogy has often been on hold. I'm in the hobby Genealogist category, so the time to research can be limited by family and now my new job.

But, along comes someone dynamic, who is searching actively. I'm thinking of you, cousin Ted in Southern New Jersey (well, he's actually my cousin's cousin).
He came up with a link for me that I went to look at, and I just had to share with the whole world.

Please go check out :

The idea was to have a video channel all about Genealogy! With a wide variety of topics viewable for free or for a few special ones, on a "pay per view" basis. Check out the pink box on the right to see the topics. Some important ones to not miss are:

New & Featured videos
Genealogy How to videos
Roots style and travel

And for Irish-Americans like myself, I'm watching what will be on the Irish Family History & Genealogy topics.

And keep in mind that you cannot only view videos, but you can make your own family videos and submit them. I don't so far have this type of know how, but think for the video smart people out there, you can do plenty. Like telling an ancestor's story, filming a family reunion or even showing the town of origin of a migrant ancestor. Very exciting possibilities there, both for viewing and to creation :)

And it's very easy to stay abreast of new videos:

- Subscribe to the newsletter ( Click under their logo)
- Join on Facebook :
- Follow on Twitter :
- Follow their blog :

There's no excuse not to follow!

Thanks to cousin Ted for his links. He sometimes lets me know via email of one source or another that he learns of in his various genealogy classes. Way to go Ted!!

In the coming months, the emphasis will be on Irish Genealogy. As I learn how to research in Ireland, and how to use the archives there. And yes, with hands on experience please!

Happy searching to all!